How much is your time worth? AREIC believes that your time is precious and that you have tasks that will give you much more money than spending hours trying to buy and sell equipment. AREIC is an Agency that Resells Industrial and Commercial Equipement. AREIC can help any type of company who wants to sell or buy an asset. There is no project too big for us. It takes a lot of time to look for a buyer or a seller, negociate, take care of transportation, logisitcs, etc. We are offering the complete service where you can free your mind and save a lot of time and money.

01. Our Vision

Be it warehouse equipment, products for your new location, or something out of the ordinary, we are going to be more than happy to offer our services.

02. Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer our customers the best possible price on their equipments that they want to sell, and to find the right equipment that fits their needs at a fair price.

Company History


AREIC has yet to be born

But during the numerous business trips of of the founder, a recurring need in the market kept surfacing in businesses he met with. The innovative idea of a company that would help other enterprises in all spheres resell their used equipment in a sinple and lucrative way for all involved parties.


AREIC is officialy created in march

From day 1, AREIC’s model proved to be a success. The demand is obviously present in the companies it operates with. AREIC stands out thanks to its professionalism in the market along with its numerous clients in different milieus.


AREIC becomes AREIC Inc and confirms its place in the market

More and more clients transact with AREIC Inc and the business partners grow in number. In September 2014, the company moves into their new office, 767 Lionel-Boulet in Varennes. This new place of business permits AREIC Inc to offer an even more tailored service to its clients.


AREIC Inc doubles in size and revenue. New Website.

Once again this year, the total transaction amount returned to clients is more and more impressive. New services such as installation, financing, and other personalized offerings now add to the list of what AREIC strives at. Even more, a new website offering a convenient multi-platform experience is now available to all!

Board Of Directors

A professional team to support all of your industrial needs!

Luc Beaulieu


Jacques Charbonneau

Racking Consultant

Patrice Beaulieu

Warehouse Equipment Consultant